Greetings Pet Parents,

It’s officially spring and our busy vaccination/flea and tick season is here! While we welcome the warmer weather we can’t say we love these pests that come with it. The clinic is now fully stocked with all your parasite prevention needs - for both cats and dogs! 

Speaking of pests - we will take this opportunity to introduce Dr. Kaylee’s newest addition to those of you who may not have had the joy of meeting him yet! Tobi first came to the clinic as a foster puppy. Both Tobi and his littermate were sick and tested positive for parvo. After a short stay in the clinic both pups made a full recovery - and Tobi never left! He can now be found at the clinic practicing his new job (and manners) as the clinic greeter. He will definitely be attending our Spring Dog Training Classes!

We have another new face at Waggin’ Wheelz who has considerably better manners than our clinic greeter! Kayden Hoppe of Humboldt, SK has joined the team as our Veterinary Assistant. Kayden is an aspiring veterinary student passionate about both caring for and learning about animals, both big and small. Welcome to the team Kayden, we are very happy to have you!

We are also excited to announce a guest appearance from the wonderful Ashley Hoedel (Hydeout Dog Training Regina). Ashley will be back to host another series of Spring Dog Training Classes starting on Tuesday, May 4th. Classes will run each Tuesday for 6 weeks. The total cost of the classes are $100 plus GST. Payment is due upon registration. Contact the clinic or check out our social media for more info!

As usual, we like to keep our seasonal newsletters short and sweet. We will leave you with our schedule of upcoming events as well as a quick Q & A! Thanks for checking in!


Wednesday, March 31st: Small Animal Vaccine Clinic - CLINIC WILL BE CLOSED

Kelvington RM Vet Clinic: 10 am - 12 pm

Quill Lake Arena (Lobby): 1 pm - 2:30 pm

Wadena Community Legion Hall: 3:30 pm - 5 pm

Wellness Exams & Vaccinations, Flea & Tick Prevention, Dewormer

For more information please contact the clinic at (306) 554-9663

Friday, April 2nd: Good Friday - CLINIC WILL BE CLOSED

Dr. Kaylee will be unavailable for after hour emergency services for the Easter long weekend. In the event of an emergency, please contact the 24 Hr Animal Care Centre in Regina or the Vet College in Saskatoon.

Tuesday, April 13th: F.A.R.M. Cat Day

Our spring FARM Cat Program will take place on April 13th. Please contact the clinic by phone to register. A $50 non-refundable deposit will be required upon registration. All cats must fit the following criteria for our FARM Cat Program:

  • Must not be a household pet
  • Must be at least 6 months of age and in good physical condition
  • Must not be nursing kittens
  • Must be from an area with feline overpopulation issues
  • Priority will be given to residents within our community (Wynyard, Foam Lake, Wadena)

Tuesday, May 4th: Spring Dog Training Classes Begin

Classes run each Tuesday for 6 weeks (Tuesday, May 4th - Tuesday, June 8th)

Class times are available from 4 pm, 5 pm or 6 pm ***Classes are now FULL***


Q: When is a good time  to give my pets flea and tick treatments?

A: Anytime now! Ticks start to emerge when temperatures hit around 4 degrees. Fleas, ticks and other parasites can cause issues ranging from simply being a nuisance to spreading disease! Yikes!

Q: I’ve heard that some clinics ‘ear notch’ cats. What is ‘ear notching’ and why is it done?

A: Waggin’ Wheelz is partnered with animal rescues and organizations that participate in TNR (Trap Neuter Release) Programs. These TNR Programs focus on feral cat populations. (Note: a feral cat is a wild cat with no chance of being domesticated) By trapping, neutering/spaying, vaccinating and releasing these cats we can decrease feline overpopulation and help maintain a healthy population. 

Ear notching is used for the purpose of identifying these feral cats that are often difficult to catch and are unable to be handled by humans. The procedure is done while the cat is under anesthetic (while they are being spayed or neutered). The tip of the cat's ear is removed and immediately cauterized to stop bleeding and prevent infection. This ensures that the cat can be easily identified as sterilized and vaccinated, thus decreasing the need to trap again. Pain management is also supplied to these cats, so this procedure is no more invasive or painful than the spay or neuter itself.

Q: Do you still offer house call services?

A: You bet! House calls are great for annual wellness exams, vaccinations, multiple pet appointments or for pets that don't travel well. House calls can also provide privacy, comfort and peace for euthanasia appointments. While we are happy to offer house call services there are certain situations that we recommend making a trip into the clinic such as when your pet is sick or injured and may require diagnostics such as lab work, ultrasound or digital xray.

Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Saturday, Sunday


Monday - Friday
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Saturday, Sunday