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Feral Animal Reduction Movement

Dr.Kaylee and her team created a program to reduce the feral cat population in their area of rural Saskatchewan in 2018. In both the Spring & Fall, one full day at the clinic is dedicated to the F.A.R.M. Cat program. Since May of 2018, their efforts have resulted in the sterilization of over 164 cats (98 neuters and 66 spay surgeries). All of these cats also received a Rabies vaccine.

Feline Population Pyramid


F.A.R.M. Cats is designed to be a cost-effective program targeted at decreasing and managing feral/barn cat populations. Each cat that is brought into the clinic to be sterilized will also receive a Rabies vaccination. To qualify for the program, the following criteria must be met:

     - must not be a household pet

     - must be from an area with feline overpopulation issue

     - must be at least 6 months of age and in good physical condition

     - must not be nursing kittens

     - must be from the Wynyard/Wadena/Foam Lake area

     To ensure this program is accessible to all, if you have previously participated in our F.A.R.M. Cat Program, you will be placed on a waiting list. This allows others the opportunity to take part in the program and allows us to affect change in new populations of cats.

What is the difference between our F.A.R.M. Cats program and the way we do our companion animal spays and neuters?

When you bring your pet into our clinic, all our patients undergoing anesthesia have the option to receive IV (Intravenous) fluids as a safety precaution. Whether or not you opt for the fluids an IV catheter is placed in each animal. Your pet is monitored by a Registered Veterinary Technician from the moment they arrive, throughout the entire surgery process and even while they wake up from their procedure safely.

With our F.A.R.M. Cats program we still perform the procedure with great care, but our patients will not receive an IV catheter. Due to the number of animals undergoing surgery, they will be monitored differently than if it were someone’s pet and family member. Additional items like flea treatment, dewormer and additional vaccinations will still be available. We also perform an ear notching procedure on each cat, this is an easy way to show that the animal has been sterilized.

How do you sign up for the F.A.R.M. Cats program?  When does the program take place?

Waggin' Wheelz Veterinary Services will publicly advertise our F.A.R.M. Cat program, expected to be carried out in both spring & fall of each year.  A $50 non-refundable deposit (per cat) must be made upon registration at the clinic. This is to ensure fair opportunity to those interested in the F.A.R.M. Cat program, as well as to reduce the number of cats that do not make it to the clinic for the morning of F.A.R.M. day. 

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