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  • Dr. Kaylee Blerot
    Dr. Kaylee Blerot

    Dr Kaylee grew up on a grain farm near Redvers SK. From a young age, she was always drawn to animals. In 2005, Dr. Kaylee graduated from SIAST with a diploma in Veterinary Technology. After working for several years as a veterinary technician, she made the leap and applied to vet school. She graduated from WCVM in 2013 and has worked in several small animal practices and an emergency clinic which has given her plenty of experience dealing with many diverse situations.

    Dr. Kaylee started a mobile housecall practice in the Foam Lake/Wynyard area in March of 2017. This quickly evolved into the opportunity to open a clinic. In October of 2017, Waggin Wheelz Veterinary Services opened its doors for business! Dr. Kaylee enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine and loves meeting not only the furry creatures who walk in the door, but also the humans who love them! 

    When she is not at the clinic, Dr Kaylee enjoys camping, reading, and spending time with her husband Dustin, their daughter Charlee and son Carter. The kids keep them on their toes every day (and night sometimes!). Dr. Kaylee currently has one fur baby of her own, Tobi who may be seen peaking around corners at the clinic before scampering back to his favourite napping spot. 

    Her heart dog Lexi, the lovely golden retriever who used to be found working as the clinic greeter and scamming as many treats as possible from whoever would make eye contact crossed the rainbow bridge in April of 2019 and will be remembered forever.   

  • Jennifer Fortier, RVT
    Jennifer Fortier, RVT

    Jen moved to Saskatchewan from a small town in southern Ontario in 2016. In 2014 she graduated from St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario where she obtained an advanced diploma in Veterinary Technology. Shortly after she wrote the exam to become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). As an RVT, Jen is instrumental in the day to day functioning of the clinic. She takes xrays, draws blood, monitors anesthetic and provides exceptional patient and client care. After working for 2 years in Ontario, she made the life changing decision to move out west to rural Saskatchewan. Along with her she brought her 3 beautiful cats Dakota-Hemi, Miracle Max and John Deere who are her pride and joy and have made her become the crazy cat lady she is today!

  • Kaitlyn Jones, Receptionist
    Kaitlyn Holowaty-Jones, Receptionist

    Kaitlyn joined the team as a full-time receptionist when the clinic first opened in October of 2017. She loves to see happy clients and healthy kitties but has a special place in her heart for dogs! When she is not busy keeping Dr. Kaylee and the rest of the Waggin' Wheelz team sane and on schedule, Kaitlyn can be found spending time with her kids, Carl and Alwyn, and their two favourite dogs, Millie and Raena!

  • Jodelle
    Jodelle Mierke, Receptionist

    Jodelle started at the clinic in September of 2021 as a full-time receptionist to cover Kaitlyn’s maternity leave. Originally from Peace River, AB, Jodelle now lives in Wadena with her husband Addi, their two dogs Finnigan and Macy, and cat, Tucker. In addition to their regular crew, these dedicated animal lovers and advocates have fostered 29 dogs for Paws & Claws Rescue and Mozart Sympathy Animal Sanctuary since November of 2019 - without a single foster fail!

    We are very happy to have Jodelle with us as her positive attitude, love for learning and ability to deliver a great ‘dad joke’ every now and again make her an excellent addition to the Waggin’ Wheelz team!

  • NatashaKing
    Natasha King, Vet Assistant

    Natasha grew up in Quill Lake and moved to Wynyard during her high school years. At 19 she got into healthcare, becoming a Continuing Care Aid. She started at WWVS at the end of October 2021, and fits in very well with our team. 

    Natasha grew up loving animals, and while we know she is Morty's favourite, she does have a cat of her very own named Prim! She graces us with great smile, and laughs at all all our jokes. Her pleasant nature is appreciated by everyone - animals included!

  • MakylaPlett
    Makyla Plett, RVT

    Makyla graduated from the Red River College in Mantioba as a Registered Vet Tech in 2020. She joined the team at Waggin' Wheelz in May of 2023 - right in the midst of our busy season and move to our new clinic location! Instead of turning tail to run, she jumped right in and has proved to be a great fit - we're lucky to have her!

    When you're not hearing Makyla's infectious laughter, she can be found at home with her partner Carter, their two cats, Klaus and Edie, and their Jack Russell mix, Finn.

  • A young female veterinarian bottle feeds a lamb
    Dr. Brianna Thiemann

    Dr. Brianna joined the Waggin' Wheelz team in February of 2024. She is a local girl, growing up in Humboldt and starting off her illustrious veterinary career as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). Three years into her career she decided that she could conquer the additional education needed to complete her training and become a full-fledged veterinarian as she'd always wanted! When Dr. Brianna is not at work, she is hanging out with her pets Ice and Caezar, making travel plans, and renovating her first home! She is excited to be on the Waggin' Wheelz team because she loves our great work environment! We can't argue with that! 

  • Dr. Kaylee Blerot
    Morty the Clinic Cat, Resident Trouble Maker

    Morty, Morty, MORTY!!

    Morty is a creature of many faces. There are some things in this position that Morty needed training for, but personality he has naturally! He is incredibly nonchalant about the comings and goings in a busy clinic. He is an excellent example of going with the flow, not worrying too much, and not caring what anybody else thinks. He is welcoming to people and pets alike, happy to meet everyone, and very hopeful that there will be treats on the floor when they leave. 

    Morty has gained many friends since moving in here, bordering on a fan club really. We aren’t running a popularity contest around here, but mostly because we’d all lose to Morty. Posts about Morty are the ones that get the most likes on our social media! Many of his fans will pop in just to see Morty, they say they were “in the neighborhood”, but we know that’s not true. Our dear Purolator driver Brian deserves special mention here, as he is the president of Morty’s fan club. He comes to see Morty even when Waggin Wheelz has no deliveries!

    Morty can be found in any number of cozy beds as he follows the sunshine around the building each day. No matter where he may be, he is running to the front as soon as he hears Brian’s scanner beeping on packages being delivered! Sometimes all that will make a day better is to see Morty’s funny snarl, or that he lets you hug him no matter what he was doing before you came.

    Morty is also a great conversationalist, although he does most of the talking. There is a bit of a language barrier, but Morty feels communication is important. So, he will repeat himself until we get the point. Natasha has the best chats with Morty, she sees the real him, and comes to his defense when Morty has some explaining to do. Which brings us to the next face of Morty.

    As all of the world’s great troublemakers will attest, it is very important to be charismatic and likable to succeed at making trouble. It makes you more forgivable. Like when he knocks over the garbage for a wrapper, steals a muffin from Jen’s desk while she’s sitting at said desk, or jumps onto Makyla’s plate at lunch time, racing off with a pizza pop in his mouth. Troublemakers get better with practice, and all we can do is watch with awe at his impressive stealth, and unthwarted determination! 

    Next on Morty’s list of mad skills is being an escape artist. When Morty first came to us, he was in need of a surgery that put his leg in a splint for recovery. It was explained to Morty many times that immobilizing his leg was the only way he was going to heal properly. He would nod like he agreed, but without fail, overnight Morty’s splint would slip and we would need to redo it the next day!  Despite wearing a cone and staying in a kennel, Morty would Houdini himself out of his splint! All of us schemed to stop him. We devised a plan, using a recovery suit, and Jen’s sewing skills. Dr Kaylee’s daughter donated a vital piece to our plan, a tiny knee-high sock. The tiny knee-high sock  was then placed over Morty’s splint, and velcroed to the recovery suit!  We won that battle, and Morty’s leg has healed. Leaving him clearly capable of returning to his troublemaking duties! 

    Now, the most important of Morty’s faces. He gets us through the worst days. Morty is always up for a healing hug. There are days that Morty understands his role is to be passed from one staff to another, giving us all comfort and support. He makes us laugh when we could cry. And has so much to tell us each morning when we all arrive at Morty’s house. So excited to see us all and start another day fresh. And that is why Morty is the coolest, baddest, and best clinic cat ever!


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